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Art trade

Art trade #1: Sohma Kyo

I still hadn't written my trade list when Yoshen was already choosing a character to draw. I gave her a few ones to choose from and she picked Sohma Kyo from Fruits Basket. Grumpy cat made his appearance in my guestbook 19th of July 2006. Yoshen's use of color is more than pleasing and same goes for overall mood of the artwork. Kyo-kun himself is lovable and so is his army of stuffed toys.

Art trade #1: Echizen Ryoma & Karupin

Yoshen, who maintains Mouton Rouge website surprised me by asking an art trade in early July of 2006. Very well, I still got time to draw before moving to Rovaniemi and chose Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis from her trade list. In later stages everyones favourite Karupin joined the fun. 11th of July went nicely drawing this artwork with short breaks.

General information

Idea of art trade is literally trade artwork, in other words you make artwork for other person and get artwork in return. Techniques vary from person to person, but most of the time they are not that important when you are receiving artwork from person who has drawn that piece of art especially for you. I'm still starting my journey on this path and because of my university studies I can only guarantee "one character = one artwork" option (there can be bonuses, though). My studies take priority over art trades so I have a right to decline. Questions and suggestions are welcome even if art trade is closed or waiting for a new round!

At the moment I accept art trade requests. I will take requests from five (5) persons. Send your request and trade list of characters to following email address:

Before I accept art trade with you I check my schedules, your possible art from past years and your trade list. I can decline if some of these things don't work out. For example I'm busy with my studies or life in general or I haven't seen your past artworks. You don't want to buy a pig in a poke, do you? When it comes to techniques I mostly use pens for inking, sometimes pencils, colored pencils and water colors. If I draw digitally I use Wacom Intuos tablet. Your artwork may be done with one of these techniques or it can be a combination of them. All artwork is published digitally, like you have seen above.

Trade list

Here is my trade list. I haven't collected reference pictures from the depths of my laptop, but I can send you a little batch if you want. Series have been sorted in alphabetical order. The higher the position of character's name is in list, the closer that character is to my heart. I try to keep my list short by cutting the maximum number of character per series to three.

- Kurosaki Ichigo
- Anti/Hollow-Ichigo

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion:
- Kururugi Suzaku/Spin!zaku

Fate/stay night:
- Gilgamesh

Fruits Basket:
- Sohma Kyo
- Sohma Shigure
- Sohma Ayame

One Piece: (oi, pick me!)
- Sanji
- Roronoa Zoro
- Tony Tony Chopper

Prince of Tennis:
- Inui Sadaharu
- Kaidoh Kaoru
- Fuji Shusuke

Tokyo Babylon:
- Sumeragi Subaru
- Sakurazuka Seishirou
- Sumeragi Hokuto

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle:
- Kurogane
- Real!Syaoran
- Clone!Syaoran

- Nataku
- Sumeragi Subaru
- Sakurazuka Seishirou

- Doumeki Shizuka
- Watanuki Kimihiro