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Excellent Model Series Portrait.Of.Pirates Neo-4 Sanji 1/8

Sanji from One Piece arrived on June 26th 2008, only to get drooled over. I ordered this figure from a Japanese Hobby Link Japan internet store for 4000 yens which is about 24 euros. Sanji is part of MegaHouse's Excellent Model Series figures which have been re-released under the name "Neo". Cook stands on blue display stand and is 23 cm tall, making him incorrectly a bit taller than his eternal rival Zoro.

Excellent Model Series Portrait.Of.Pirates Neo-3 Roronoa Zoro 1/8

I ordered Roronoa Zoro for Sanji's companion from a Belgian Archonia internet store. Zoro arrived with his katanas to get admired on July 1st 2008. He cost a bit more than Sanji, about 41 euros to be exact. Zoro has among other things goggles he used in Skyepia and you can even see through them. Marimo stands on green display stand and is 22,5 cm tall while katanas add 18 cm to depth.

Excellent Model Mild Portrait.Of.Pirates CB-1 Sanji 1/8

Childhood version of Sanji has also been ordered from Hobby Link Japan and Chibinasu arrived in a small package on July 16th 2008. At that time his price was 1800 yens which is a bit under 11 euros. You can change his expression from this serious look into cheerful smile with another face that came with the figure. Young cook also has two eyes! This time display stand is transparent and Sanji stands 12,5 cm tall on it.

P.O.P Neo-4 Sanji 1/8 & P.O.P CB-1 Sanji 1/8

This photograph helps you to compare size differences between adult and young Sanji. I especially like this detail about how younger Sanji's haircut is childish while adult Sanji has his hair cut with more style. Both Sanjis have a detachable item in their right hand: younger one has a cooking knife and older one has his trademark cigarette.

Excellent Model Series Generation-1 Kurosaki Ichigo 1/8

I was introduced to MegaHouse's Excellent Model Series in spring 2005 when I ordered both Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia and Kon figures, as seen below, from Bleach via Bemmu's former brokerage. Ichigo stands about 26 cm tall on his orange display stand. I paid about 50 euros for both sets of figures. This Ichigo is a rare first edition figure, hence a name Generation-1.

Excellent Model Series Generation-1 Kuchiki Rukia & Kon 1/8

Rukia and Kon were released at the same time with Ichigo in early spring 2005. They both stand on blue display stand, Rukia being about 18 cm tall and Kon about 7 cm. In my opinion Rukia and Kon are closer to their original characters while Ichigo seems to lack some of his charm. With Rukia's charm I'm not referring her secret hidden under her skirt, not even perverted Kon would like to.