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Horse Drawn with Marker Pens

I drew this horse with markers during Easter in 1996. I think I drew the horse with markers alone, in other words I didn't sketch it before. I liked horses when I was younger and my drawings show it very clearly.

First Oil Painting

I got my first oil painting set and canvases in 1995. Without any teaching about oil painting I managed to paint this. Sometimes it totally cracks me up or at least makes me grin madly! It has been a long journey and over 10 years later I watch over younger ones with amusement as they get their first experiences with oil colors.

Merry Christmas

I drew this Christmas card when I was in Lower primary school. My father found it by chance when he was cleaning his papers. Note how I started to use perspective and shadows correctly in a such young age!

Lady and the Tramp

This drawing is from the same folder as the former drawing. I liked animals, and I still do, so I drew Lady and his Tramp.

Thumber Gets a Kiss

Hahaa! I never guessed to find these things from my closet: a folder full of my old drawings. It's a shame that most of them weren't dated, just like this one. My guess is that I have drawn this when I was still attending Lower primary school. I think my reference came from an old book.


This horse is one of the oldest animal themed drawings from my childhood. When I drew this one I was maybe 4 or 5 years old because I knew how to write my name. Now it has been framed and it's hanging on the wall of my old room at home. It cheers me up every time I pay a visit.