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One Piece

November 11th 2009

"Happy birthday to eternally 19 years old swordsman who never changes." Birthday boy's drinks have been wrapped in a furoshiki which is a traditional way to wrap gifts in a square shaped cloth. I still ink my works by hand, but now I have a new light table which makes inking process faster. After that I add digital screentones with a computer. A4 sized Copic paper, Sakuras, Faber-Castell brush pen, white gel pen, Deleter Comicworks and Photoshop.

MUSTA KUU: Sanji of Kazaguruma

The second Grand Jipangu themed artwork features Sanji who works at Onami's Kazaguruma restaurant (Japanese for "pinwheel"). The only difference between Sanji's Jipangu version and Grand Line version is his longer hair, otherwise he still is a ladies' man. This artwork also took its time to get finished, from December 24th to 30th 2008 to be exact. And look: at last I drew a decent looking background and I even used perspective.

MUSTA KUU: Bou-san

Grand Jipangu episodes of One Piece anime are my favourites ones of all the other specials. Zoro is a wandering and hungry monk who's not interested in religions. This artwork took a lot of time to get finished and it's my first big completely digitally drawn and colored artwork. Even its sketch was drawn digitally. Photoshop and Wacom were in effective use from November 8th to 23rd 2008. This coloring technique could be called "softer cell shading".


I learned a new digital coloring technique during autumn 2008 and tested it with this artwork. I sketched and inked Sanji's line art using traditional tools on July 1st 2008, but I didn't color it until December 7th 2008. I'd say I worked about 3 hours with this one which includes both times from sketching to final editing. The line art is special because it was drawn outdoors. During that time I killed a random bug right next to Sanji's face. It's up to you to decide whose hand that is. ;)


After I reached Water 7 arc in One Piece anime I wanted to draw something to cheer myself up. You don't see a smiling swordsman that often. That guy should laugh more. I drew this small artwork in Photoshop with help of Wacom. This one is also in its original size. Zoro, drawn with special green line art, was finished on Septemper 30th 2008 in about 3 hours. It still cheers me up so it serves its original purpose.


You know the feeling when you start drawing something small and quick, but finally end up drawing a lot longer. In Zoro's case I decided to test digital screentones, but I ended up editing them for almost 3 hours on August 4th 2008. I'm blessed with technical skills. (irony) One Piece manga chapters 485 and 512 really tear up my heart, really badly. Poor Zoro has to go through very difficult situations.

Zoro x Sanji: Bubble Chair Omake

I just couldn't resist temptation to draw an omake for the former artwork. :D Date 20.08.2008 (Finnish way to write August 20th 2008) only got me even more excited. Young guys suffer for my ideas or just for their captain's overflowing eagerness. I quickly sketched this one in Paint and finished it with Photoshop in about an hour.

Zoro x Sanji: Bubble Chair

Bubble Chair (1968) designed by Eero Aarnio is one of my future purchases. Its transparent appearance appeals to me and it also inspired me to draw this artwork. Zoro x Sanji themed artwork was finished on August 17th 2008 in 8 hours. The artwork evolved a lot during drawing and this ended up as a final version. I like Sanji's posture and especially his legs. Digital inking with Wacom has slowly started to work out.