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Laura & Veeti

Another acrylic painting, this time normal photograph sized portraits of my aunt's kittens. Laura is the pale grayish one and Veeti the one with black, brown and white. They are both girls even though one has a girl's name and the other has a boy's name. I had a photo reference for colors which was taken when kittens were still small. That explains colors of their eyes which have now turned into yellow.


This acrylic painting was a little experiment for pet portraits. It took me about 15-20 hours to paint this about 35 cm x 45 cm sized painting, though I painted it in small portions during one month. Dog of the painting doesn't exist, but it has some elk hunting dog traits. As a name "Halli" can be an old dog's name, a big hall or even a gray seal. In other words it was inside joke between co-workers.


During my time at work I got an order to make art of a horse named Velho for someone's 40th birthday. I was free to choose a technique and decided to try combining pastel pencils with colored paper. Blending stomps and charcoal eraser were a big help while blending shades and making small corrections. Artwork measures about 30 cm x 35 cm and it took me about 16 hours to finish while framing took about ½ hours.


My niece got a long waited pet cat a couple of months before December 2005. She had also asked me several times to draw or paint something for her. I took advantage of upcoming Christmas and painted Tikru, "Pikru" for me, with acrylics on about 20 cm x 20 cm sized canvas. I hadn't seen the cat itself before I started painting but I was told it looks like the cat.

Stonecat #2

I painted this stonecat for my godmother just before Christmas 2005. I used acrylics because you can paint with them on almost every possible surface. This time I used stripes to make the cat look special. Painting on convex surface is challenging task, but this one turned out quite nicely in my opinion and my godmother also liked her new "cat".

Christmas card "Animals of the Woods": Lynx

This one, as well the fox, is one of my favourites from this batch. The lynx is paired with the badger and this pair took a bit longer, but was finished after a weekend because I had to do some restocking.

Christmas card "Animals of the Woods": Badger

This badger is paired with a lynx. I originally planned to have a wolf as lynx's pair, but that card turned out to be, well, a total dud.

Christmas card "Animals of the Woods": Fox

The fox card is one of my favourites or even the number one. Fox has its trademark cunny expression and it may even look mischievous.

Christmas card "Animals of the Woods": Hare

I made these animal cards in pairs and finished them in about 6 hours. First pair was a hare and a fox. This pairing can be explained by putting pairs face to face: a birch, my trademark tree, becomes a whole tree, when there is only a half shown in single cards. These cards don't have illustrations inside and their measurements are 13,0 cm x 10,5 cm.

Christmas card "Christmas Window"

The next card is showing a Christmas themed window. Catch of this card is that bottom left window is actually a hole shaped as a window. Illustrations continue inside in the same way as a red ribbon with a jingle bell does in reindeer card. This card took about 6 hours to make and its original size is 15,5 cm x 10,5 cm.

Christmas card "Reindeer"

Before Christmas 2005 I decided to make 6 Christmas cards. I still have a couple of copies left after people bought them from me. This reindeer, which was the first one to get finished, was everyone favourite and sold out quickly. Measurements of original card, made on water color paper, are roughly 14,5 cm per edge. Line art was inked with waterproof 005 pen and colored with watersoluble colored pencils in about 9 hours.

Stonecat #1

Someone who knows my mother asked if I could paint her a stonecat. I accepted her request and the following day a stone was delivered to me. I had a artist's freedom about cat's outer appearance and I painted a chubby tomcat. Acrylics were extremely handy when painting on stone and I liked how this one turned out and so did the requester.

Kankaanpää Polytechnics: Birch

This artwork belongs in the same category with the former. I wanted to make a bit different artwork about birches. With a help of my old digital camera and not-so-flexible back I got a nice reference picture from one of the birches from our yard. Then I started inking on thick watercolor paper and after 8 hours it was done with finishing touch made with watercolors. Size A3, multimedia.

Kankaanpää Polytechnics: Tiger

This artwork is a part of fifth assignmet which ment 3-5 original artworks. I was bored with plain white paper and inked tiger's stripes and other dark areas on brown paper. White areas were done with white chalk. I didn't have artist's fixative at the moment I had to use some hairspray that smelled fruity. Scent got stuck with other artworks and they still smell fruity. Size A3, multimedia.

Kankaanpää Polytechnics: Bed

I had to draw my bed for the third assignment; you had to draw it as a still life and use lights and shadows creatively. I used a lot of time on this artwork and I also like it much. When I was interviewed I was told that my bed was the most tidy among other people. That was really amusing! Size A3, soft B pencils and blending stomps.

Kankaanpää Polytechnics: Public statue

After graduating it was time to get myself to study something art related. I made pre-entrance exam assignments to two different places. In the first assignment for Kankaanpää Polytechnics I had to draw a public statue from three different angles, draw two more with your own ideas and write a short justification "What you changed and why". The statues name is "Field and Table of Life", here in its original form. Size A3 and pencils.

Angels for My Mother

On Christmas 2003 my mother got a pretty card which had an illustration of two angel girls. She liked the card so much that she insisted me to paint her a bigger oil painting of the card. I already had a big canvas ready to start painting. This painting has a slightly more expensive frames than other paintings. Size of the painting is about 60 x 70 cm.

Diploma of Visual Arts in Upper Secondary School

I chose to make my artwork about nature and especially about birches for 2004-2005 Diploma of Visual Arts in Upper Secondary School. Idea of a landscape themed assignment was to illustrate flow of time and in my artwork timeline is short. Series of three watercolor paintings took me 27 hours to finish exluding a portfolio and an essay. I got 5 for this one when one can get grades from 1 (the worst) to 5 (the best).

Birch Watercolor Painting

I painted this watercolor painting on one of my courses of visual arts in Upper secondary school. That time we even had real and good watercolor paper, but watercolors were normal watercolors used in schools. The painting with passepartout and frames measures about 40 x 70 cm. Now this artwork belongs to my big brother and his family, but I still got a charcoal version of this artwork somewhere at home.


This oil painting features my aunt's former dog, Minttu (Mint). Minttu was over 10 years old, if I remember correctly, and her breed was Shethland sheepdog. The painting is one of the biggest ones I have ever painted, its measurements being 80 cm x 120 cm. I also cut and assembled frames for this painting. Old digital photograph twists proportions because I had to take the photograph in a staircase.

Cat Shaped Namesign for My Niece

In 2004 I was so productive on one of my courses of visual arts that after I had finished all my assignments my teacher didn't have any new ones to give. We still had some clay left, so I made my niece a little present: namesign shaped as a cat. I got a form I desired in a few hours and after a burning process I painted it. I added some varnish afterwards to protect its colors.

Tiger Pillow Cover

I made this pillow cover in Upper secondary school when our teacher of visual arts taught us how to press pictures on fabric. Stencil of its eye got lost while pressing, but luckily I found it later. Pillow cover's original color is light blue, but my old digital camera makes colors look something else. Pillow cover's size is 60 x 80 cm, so it's very cozy.

Ewan McGregor

This is also an extremely old oil painting which I painted at home in 2002 and framed one year later in the local art school. Now when I look at it I find lots of things that are off, but I'm not going to touch a signed painting.

White Tiger

An extremely old oil painting about white tiger. I painted it in spring 2002 for the last course of visual arts in Upper primary school. I used blue for shadows instead of yellow shades. I made frames for this painting in a local art school. Now this painting is hanging on the wall of our guest room at home.