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Prince of Tennis

黒月.com: D2

I updated Kuro with a new layout on January 1st 2006. Greenish layout art was originally black and white inked lineart with gray pencil shadowing. This artwork took me 13 hours to make, starting from December 26th to 30th 2005. At that time my original style looked like this. I'm happy how this turned out and Kaidoh's bandana is my favourite part.


Inui and Kaidoh are my favourite characters from Prince of Tennis. This style is a mix of Hyper Reality's Tennouji Mio and a bit of mine. I'm satisfied with this artwork, even though it didn't fulfill its original purpose. My favourite Sakura and Staedtler pens were with me during those 13 hours I inked this artwork. Screentone looking texture was made with a couple of soft B and hard H pencils.