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Uni. Lapland

Praktikum I - Theme and Variation: Koivuniemi I-III

Main idea of this course was to choose a theme and then make variations of it with chosen medium. I chose my former birch theme, but I also developed the idea to get it more profound. My family name means "birch headland" and it inspired me to develop layered and transparent kimonos that expose men's skeletal system made of the birch. The former diptych has elements that bind paintings together and it continues in this triptych. Koivuniemi II is my favourite because of its nicely shaped ribs. Tempera on 70 cm x 50 cm sized canvas.

Acrylic painting: X-ray Films

The idea of this painting has also been in my mind for several years. The original idea came from x-ray film viewers used in hospitals. Hands are tools for artists. Even though muscles and tendons create pencil or brush movements, beneath them are bones that give a final support. It was also interesting to study an anatomy of hands. In reality rings wouldn't exist in x-ray films, but my crooked middle fingers would. Acrylic on 50 cm x 67 cm sized canvas.

Drawing and painting 2: Original Theme (Untitled for now)

Part two of the former diptych took a lot of time to get finished. I literally fought with it for three weeks between January and February in 2009. It was a challenge to create a color scheme, especially when I wanted two painting to be similar, yet different. Main idea for the diptych was that positions of two parts could be changed, as you can see from this photograph. Tempera on about 50 cm x 70 cm sized canvas.

Drawing and Painting 2: Original Theme (Untitled for now)

I have had the idea for this diptych painting (without hinges) for several years and now I finally painted it with tempera. I like, sometimes I could even say that I love, human hands so I paid extra attention to them. Colors of this painting are out of the ordinary if you compare them to my former paintings, but I'm very satisfied with my choice. This painting was finished in about one week in early December 2008. Tempera on about 50 cm x 70 cm sized canvas.

Drawing and Painting 2: Still Life

In autumn and early winter 2008 I and my friends took the second available course of drawing and painting. We got four painting assignments: one live model, one still life and two original themed painting with tempera and oil painting techniques. This small still life features my traditional inking tools and it has been painted with oil colors in a few days. Last time when I painted with oils was in 2003, so I was a bit nervous, but it was fun to paint with them. Oil on about A4 sized cardboard canvas.

Excursion of Finnish Art: Comic Report

In Spring 2007 we Art Education students took a bus ride to southern Finland for one week in order to visit churches and art museums. I made my report about our journey in a form of a comic. This was a fun one to make and it took me four nights to get finished. One day represents one frame. Sakura Pigma Micron pens and Faber-Castell gray brush pens on A3 sized watercolor paper. Sorry guys, I was too lazy to translate this.

Printmaking: Rekka, Paksu and Laikku

The last one of the three assignments, but not the least at least when it comes to humor. Here are ermines Rekka (left, meaning "truck"), Paksu (middle, "thick") and Laikku (right, "spot"). Print 2/4, in reality 2/100. Rekka's ice hockey helmet with its lights and shadows is my favourite. Softpoint, drypoint, etching and aquatint, size 1/3 of A4.

Printmaking: Snowleopard

This print is the latter part of Leopard shown below. I wanted to make this snowleopard look soft and feminine. To achieve such softness I had to dust a copper plate twice because I failed at the first try and thus douple the time it stayed in acid. Print count 1/4 is incorrect and it should be 1/100, because I'm planning to make more prints. Drypoint, etching and aquatint, size about 1/3 of A4.

Printmaking: Leopard

Lauri Rankka teached us printmaking in sring 2007 and he gave us three assignments. This artwork is one of them and is paired with above snowleopard. My goal was to make this leopard to look masculine and strong and in my opinion I succeeded. Print count 1/4 is not the rela one, because I forgot to change it into 1/100 before scanning. Drypoint, etching and aquatint, size about 1/3 of A4.

Live Model: Woman

Yet again in censorship angle, but this time with a woman as a model. I chose gray paper for this one instead of normal light brown and 3B graphite pencil instead of charcoal. Other students liked my female model's hair, just like they liked my male model's hair. This artwork took me one day to get finished while former took me two days. Graphite pencil, charcoal eraser, pastel and enormous paper.

Live Model: Man

Ulla Niskanen teached us live model drawing and we had both a man and a woman as drawing models. I got stuck in this censorship angle, but it didn't give me that much help. Foreshortenings were extremely challenging, but I'm plesed with model's legs. Charcoal, charcoal eraser, pastel and enormous paper.

Art Education: Teaching Training I

This artwork was made for our first teaching training course in which we went to local Lower primary schools to teach visual arts. The artwork tells how I got into visual arts. A comic is shaped as a house with cat Heiska, with old design, exploring it. All frames were finished in a few days. Note how earrings and eyeglasses change during time. Pens and A3 sized watercolor paper.

Nature Pedagogic: Lainio Snowvillage Bear Suite

Timo Jokela teached us nature pedagogic in winter 2006 and this photograph shows one of the four reliefs made about four seasons of bears. Me and two of my friends had to carve walls of round suite with a dome made of snow in just three days. My part features kissing summer bears. This was one of the oddest artworks I have ever made, but also one of the most nicest ones. Cannon snow, petkele and random scraper.

Basic Rules How to Put Together a Picture: Kubistic Version of Charcoal Still Life

This is a kubistic version of the former still life. This artwork was challenging to make, because I have never made kubistic artworks. It also took as much time to get finished as the charcoal version. I like gray texture of the saw and black and white sawtoothed pattern. Watercolors and A2 sized watercolor paper.

Basic Rules How to Put Together a Picture: Charcoal Still Life

Juhani Tuominen teached us basic rules how to put together picture elements. I made this still life with a small group of people. We were allowed to use all things we could find in ateliers, in this case a saw, black protection "olives" and a fake turnip. This artwork was finished in a few days. Charcoal, charcoal eraser and A2 sized Paris paper.

Drawing and Painting: Tempera Paintings

Ulla Niskanen teached us first year students drawing and painting. That course gave me a chance to try a new technique, tempera painting. Our assignments were detail and picture in a picture. I chose my dear old Garfield plush toy for former and running labrador retrievers for latter. Tempera was a challenging technique, but I managed to get what I wanted. Measurements for both paintings are about 50 cm x 70 cm.

Uni. Lapland Pre-Entrance Exam Assignments 2006

The third assignment was about media and candidates had to search newspapers and magazines for interesting pictures. When found one, they had to make the picture a pair so that original meaning changes. I looked through enormous pile of newspapers after I found this humorous picture about "Purkkis" which is a trash can for chewing gum. A3 size, mixed media on paperboard.

Uni. Lapland Pre-Entrance Exam Assignments 2006

Spring 2006 candidates for University of Lapland had yet again three assignments, number 2 and 3 displayd here. In the second assignment candidates had to paint one moment from their lives from year 2020. Here I'm walking with my daughter in the woods. Dotted shirts and dresses seem to be popular like they were in my childhood. A3 size, watercolors and mask liquid on watercolor paper.

Uni. Lapland Pre-Entrance Exam Assignments 2006

The third assignment was a page of "Calendar about Me" which told something about the candidate. This one page had to have at least one photograph, days of the chosen month and theme fitting title. I chose to approach this subject through humor and it turned out to hamster Heidi with wild natural curls. A3 size, mixed media on paperboard.

Uni. Lapland Pre-Entrance Exam Assignments 2005

In the second assignment candidates had to choose an interesting painting and paint their responses to original artists based on their choices. As a picky person I stayd in Finnish artists and chose Akseli Gallen-Kallela's oil painting "Mäntykoski" (1892). My second try turned out satisfactory. A3 size, watercolors and mask liquid on watercolor paper.

Uni. Lapland Pre-Entrance Exam Assignments 2005

As a candidate I had to make 3 pre-entrance exam assignments for University of Lapland in spring 2005. The first one was to examine an object and draw it as it was seen through a magnifying glass. I almost turned our house upside down searching something interesting and finally settled to draw this wooden Aarikka bird. Trying to draw different materials to look realistic was challenging. A3 size, pencils and blending stomps on paper.