24 artworks

The first gallery contains all my original artworks from 2002 onwards. Dominating techniques are acrylic, oil and water color painting techniques instead of ink based ones. You can view this gallery by clicking its picture link, as seen on left side. Newest artwork is on top and oldest on bottom. I recommend that you start viewing and reading from oldest ones. All pictures open in a new tab or a window. The gallery has been updated when a shadow's color under the picture link is darker.

Uni. Lapland
22 artworks

The second gallery is dedicated to artworks of Art Education program of University of Lapland. Selected artworks are put to display starting from fall 2006. If you are interested in studying on same field, then here you can find out what we really do besides writing essays and reading for exams.

One Piece (contains male x male material)
8 artworks

Fanarts in the third gallery are dedicated to One Piece which is Eiichiro Oda's wonderful and long anime and manga series. All characters belong to Oda-sensei and as thanks for excellent reading and watching moments, I draw fanart about Strawhat Pirates. Artworks rated R and NC-17 will have red picture links. Click for more information about yaoi.

1 artwork

The fourth gallery contains fanarts of Bleach which is Kubo Tite's biggest and most famous anime and manga series. All characters naturally belong to Kubo. I show my thanks for great reading and watching moments to Kubo-sensei by drawing fanart about Ichigo and his companions.

7 artworks

The fifth gallery includes all CLAMP related fanarts. It goes without saying that characters belong to this famous manga-ka quartet. One way to show your respect towards CLAMP is to make fanart of their characters and they have even publicly encouraged people to do so.

Prince of Tennis
2 artworks

The sixth gallery contains fanarts of Konomi Takeshi's anime and manga series Prince of Tennis. Like cases above, characters belong to Konomi-sensei and I show my thanks and respect in form of fanart.

Shounen and shoujo
12 artworks

The seventh gallery includes all the other fanarts from different shounen and shoujo series. Yet again characters belong to their respective creators and I show my thanks for good reading and watching moments through fanart.

6 artworks

The eighth and last gallery contains miscellaneous artwork, in this case drawings from my childhood. They have as much, maybe even more, sentimental value as my recent artworks. They are also funny and good reminders for me where I have left to achieve new techniques.