Personal information Important and less important information about the maintainer of Kuro. I translated the best legendary sayings, because they were just asking for it.

Treasures My greatest treasures, gift artworks both in visual and text format, are located here. There is also a bunch of anime anf manga related adoptions.

Art trade IS OPEN! Like the link itself says, here you can find all the art trade related works. More information about the term, how it works and my trade list are located right after the artworks.

Figures Here I have put photos of my small, but droolworthy figure collection. There are also links to stores selling the same imported figures so that other people can buy their own.

Anime and manga list This list has all the anime and manga series I have either watched or read. Series have been listed with licensed names while original names are in parentheses. There is also a small list of my anime and manga collection.