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Contact information

You can send me your questions, feedback and possible new ideas concerning Kuro to my email address which can be found below. If you don't have own email address you can leave me either a normal or a private message in my guestbook.

Email address:


Would you like to cooperate with my website? If you answered yes then keep reading for further information how to become one of my cooperators. I answer any possible question as soon as I can.

- my cooperating program offers different kind of things depending on its form. For example in normal
  cases I can help you to maintain your website by giving tips or between friends also discussion company
  about different fandoms and general support.

Maximum number:
- normal cooperation = limited, now 0 websites are cooperating with Kuro
- cooperation between friends = unlimited, now 3 friends are cooperating with Kuro.

- theme of website either own art, fan art or manga (general or specific series)
- nice looking and working layout
- slight typing errors are not a bit deal

Your information:
- name of your website and your name or nick
- URL address of your website
- your email address
- short description about your website and why you want to join my cooperating program (remember:
  normal or between friends?)