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黒月.com, which was Kuro's old name, was opened on July 27th 2005, even though a part of its content had been online since 2003 at my former website Star Wars manga. I bought space for my website and its URL address form Int2000.net in early spring 2005. I chose their Personal hosting service which has 300 MB of free space so at the moment Kuro has a lot of room to "live". My website has just started its journey under a new name so it haven't had many layouts as seen below.

The first layout was in use from July 27th to December 31st 2005 and after New Year's eve reddish Kurogane drawn with CLAMP's style had to give way to Prince of Tennis themed layout. That greenish layout, featuring Inui Sadaharu and Kaidoh Kaoru, was in use from January 1st to August 14th 2006. Kuro's third layout, featuring white Kurosaki Ichigo with orange shades, has been in use since August 15th 2006. It was originally Ichigo and his character that gave a name for this website, even though the name still has a thing or two to do with normal calendars. That layout was also a present for Kuro's 1st anniversary, although its release date slipped a bit past my original deadline. White Ichigo was in use quite a long time, all the way to January 2nd 2009. At that time One Piece anime and its characters Roronoa Zoro and Sanji from Grand Jipangu special episodes gave Kuro darker and earth toned colors. Current layout is not finished yet and it will "live on". Kuro's official name also changed from Japanese to Finnish one, but for me it's always Kuro.


You can now browse my website both in Finnish and in English. Other languages, like Japanese and my unclear rabmlings, can also be found around my website. It's not the end of the world if your computer fails to show Japanese characters. I only hope that it's able to show at least small boxes instead of gibberish. I have tested HTML coding in both Windows and Macintosh computers with Mozilla Firefox internet browser, in Macintosh computers with Safari browser and in Windows computers with Internet Explorer browser. My website works in the best possible way with Firefox and Safari. In the future I'm going to test my site with other browsers like Opera.

I used to use two different comptures to maintain my website. The first and the current one is my laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo, and the second one was my home computer Dell Dimension 4300, dark gray "bastard". I scan my artwork with Hewlett-Packard all-in-one... thing, which is ugly no matter how you look at it. I use A5 sized Wacom Intuos 3 tablet with Adobe Photoshop CS2 for digital drawing, coloring and editing. I used to use PhotoStudio 2000 before I got Photoshop. If I need to take photographs then I use Canon Digital IXUS 80IS digital camera. I use old, but reliable programs to code and maintain m website: writing and coding is done with Notepad and files are transferred with old, but reliable FTP program.

Backgrounds of the names you see in picture links are complicated to explain, especially if you happen to know that my explanations are more than hard to understand. That's why I will only give you little hints about their backgrounds:

- 黒月, is formed from two kanjis, black (黒) and moon (月) can also be written with hiraganas as
  くろつき or with English sounding katakanas as ブラック ムーン.
- 一番星, meaning the first star to appear in night sky.
- お多福, meaning homely woman or moonfaced woman if it's broken into smaller part one can also get
  福 which means luck and おたく, otaku. ;)
- 北極光, meaning northern lights.
- 流れ星, meaning shooting star.

I would like to thank these people and websites:
- My friends, both IRL and URL ones, for bearing me and my crazy ideas, thanks for Anneli, Milla, Suvi,
  Arska and all the other great people.
- You for visiting my website and all feedbacks and greetings you have given me.
- Int2000.net for hosting my website, URL address and email address'.
- Freebok.net for free guestbooks.
- SuperCGI for free hit counters.
- Special thanks to all who have drawn gift artworks for me.