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My friends and other websites, marked with stars, in my cooperating program are granted the highest place on my link list. Other links are in alphabetical order after this "noble group". I usually link only original art or fan art themed websites, but there are a few exceptions. I might not link back if you ask, because I only link back if I'm impressed by your website. (But you can try to bribe me. :D) So please, don't get offended if I don't link you back. New links have darker shadows.

Friends and other people

 EnergeticEnd: My IRL friend Milla's website which contains her artworks and other nice stuff. Hey, don't goo~o, the first place is always yours. :D In Finnish.

 Shadow Willow: My IRL and URL friend Suvi's website which hosts many anime and manga related websites. Both in Finnish and in English.

 Soul on Fire: My URL friend Arska's website which contains mostly anime and manga themed fan arts. In Finnish.

Evämies: Ella and Laura's website full of original artworks, fan arts and also comics. In Finnish.

Mouton Rouge: Yoshen was my first art trade partner. Her website contains mostly fan arts, original artworks and also art trade artworks. In Finnish.

Tiikerin maa: Tiikeri's website is full of original artworks, fan arts and humorous comics. In Finnish.

Best of Ewan McGregor: This website is dedicated to sweet Scottish actor. They have a huge picture gallery and a working fan mail address. I have sent two letters and got two answers, the latter with one x! In English.

CLAMP-NET.COM: CLAMP's official website. They offer news, information and photographs about their works. In Japanese.

Other useful stuff

Excite.co.jp website translating script You can translate whole Japanese websites into raw English and the other way around with Excite.co.jp website tranlating script. In Japanese.

Japanese <-> English Dictionary Extremely useful, maybe a bit rough, Japanese-English dictionary. You can also load search results with pictures instead of Japanese characters. This link leads to Canadian mirror after Swedish one died mysteriously. Both in English and in Japanese.

Special links

A selection of links to Japanese fan art websites. Most of these websites contain male x male and NC-17 related material.

Sanji x Zoro



Zoro x Sanji






Link back

Here are Kuro's banners for linking purposes. All banners can be used on both dark and light backgrounds. I have added HTML codes for two big banners which you can direct link. That means that now you don't have to upload the banner to your host service, but if you like to upload it that is also allowed.

URL: http://www.kurotsuki.com/
Owner: Heidi
Categories: art, fan art, personal


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