Welcome to MUSTA KUU. This website, casually known as "Kuro", works as a little internet gallery for my artworks. I use both traditional and digital media, but I'm most familiar with pens and water colors. Lately I have drawn fanart of different anime and manga series, but you can find some realistic artworks in galleries, too. Most of these are painted with tempera, which is my latest favourite painting technique.

Use picture links above to browse my website. Index brings you back to enter page. Top is this page which also has a date of latest update. Heidi contains information about me and my greatest treasures, in other words other peoples gift artworks. Gallery is the very soul of this website; it contains seven different galleries. Other tells a bit about past and present and also offers connections to me and to other websites. Before you leave I would like to remind you to kindly give me constructive feedback, because it helps me to improve my website. Other comments are also warmly welcome!

- Heidi

Website and all its contents are © Heidi "Heiska" Pokela 2001-2011 unless otherwise mentioned.
Roronoa Zoro, Sanji and One Piece are © Eiichirou Oda 1997-2010.
Other characters featured in fanarts are © their original creators.

You are allowed to take pictures of my artwork for private home use, such as saving them to your computer and printing. You are not allowed to publicly distribute pictures of my artwork in internet, such as loading them to other websites; in other words you are not allowed to redistribute my artwork. You are also not allowed to claim my artwork yours. Learn more about the abuse of fanart by clicking the OFP banner below.

Latest update is dated November 3rd 2011 with backgroud music: Nightwish "Crownless".

You can read more about my daily life, work-in-process and finished artworks and fandom related things in Finnish at Kirahvimakkara. Old blog entries, only in Finnish, can still be found at Michi.

Kuro is currently cooperating with three persons; Arska, Milla and Suvi are in cooperation between friends.