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Here I have collected my treasures, such as gift artworks for me, birthdaycards, gift artworks from me and some old sprite adoptions. Many thanks to all of you who have made my day with these gifts! Those who have received gift artwork from me are allowed to post those pictures where ever they want. I didn't translate fanfictions, but that doens't mean I blocked your access to them. Feel free to take a look. Adoptions are not made by me so get your own by clicking their links. Most links are several years old so they might be broken.

For me

DeviantART 400 hits: Alphonse Elric and Den by Arska

I caught a kiriban for 400 hits from Arska's dA page and requested human Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist. Al is extremely cute and I even got Den the dog in the same picture.

Kakairu by Arska

Arska also decided to spoil me a little bit and drew me Kakashi and Iruka from Naruto. Iruka has a nice "tough boy" expression on his face and Kakashi's abdomen looks delicious.

Kakairua by Suvi

My dear friend Suvi decided to make me happy by drawing me Kakashi and Iruka from Naruto. This was first gift artwork for me. In this artwork I like the most their expressions and hair, not to mention Suvi from the lower left corner!

Congratulations, 2006

Suvi the Christmas Freak

This Christmas card had been sent to 7 people including me with help of LiveJournal. I love her hair ribbons. I also got into Christmas mood after I saw this card. :D

Chibi Kaidoh

My nameday is on the same day as Seven Sleepers Day, 27th of July. Suvi send me this one and the card below over the net. My nameday card has a little Kaidoh for Aunt Inui. I wonder what's inside that present?

It's THE Strawberry dress!

This is just totally horrible Kuopio 2 inside joke so I'm not bothering myself to even start explaining it to you. Luckily this artwork didn't get into those wilder scenes! *laughs* So, this awesomeness is Suvi's birthday card she drew for my 20th birthday. Thanks again, his expression and dress are lovely.

Congratulations, 2005

While my birthday was getting closer I was working on Kuro's new layout with my full capacity. I really felt that in my body: one night I just tossed and turned in my bed for nearly 3 hours, because the new layout haunted my mind so badly. First thing I noticed when I turned 19 years old at 15 minutes past 10 in the morning was news about terrorist attacks in London. Graduating just over a month ago ment less guests and even less presents, but that didn't matter.

Congratulations to my dear net friend Heiska for her its 19th birthday ^^
- Suvi

Suvi also congratulated me on my nameday with a gift and a card. Now I even have an own Original Soundtrack. Be envious. ;)


Heiska 19 OST tracklist:
01. Vash the Stampede - Love & Peace
02. Yuzuyu + Kippei - Onigiri Song
03. Atobe Keigo - E Kimochi
04. Mochizuki Hisayo - Koi wa a la Mode (LOVE EXTENDED MIX ~Purin solo~)
05. The Pillows - Funny Bunny
06. Legato + Kuroneko-sama - Kuroneko Ku-kan
07. Sambomaster - Kore de Jiyuu ni natta no da
08. Ismo Alanko - Taitelijaelämää
09. The Pillows - I Think I Can
10. Inui Sadaharu - Kaze no Yukue
11. Megumi Hayashibara - Over Soul
12. Maaya Sakamoto - Gravity
13. Dir en Grey - Machiavellism
14. Yamaguchi Kappei - Predilection
15. Rie Fu - Voice (Album version)
16. Gorillaz - Kids with Guns
17. Fuji Syusuke - Hitomi o Tojite Kokoro no Mama Boku wa Kimi o Omou
18. No Regret Life - Last Smile
19. Kikumaru Eiji - My Lover

Congratulations, 2004

In summer 2004 I had a little age crisis right before I left to Toronto for 3 weeks. First thing I did when I reached 18 years was taking a shower and drying my hair so it really stood up.

- Milla, Cambridge

Well, I had something to say to you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Well then, it's little saturday (wednesday) and all.
- Mag

Your birthday? Well congratulations then^^
- Hikaru

And congratulations to Heiska :).
- Naffis-kun

Congratulations, 2003

Ah, those old times; my former website was in its early stages, I was enjoying summer holiday after finishing my first year in Upper seconday school and observed the world inside the borders of Finland.

Buhahaaaa.... Happy, happy, happy birthday... lightsaber and death star. Eh, now I have to hurry, so happy birthday to you!!
- DarthLugia

From me

Golden Pair

Suvi celebrated her 20th birthday on July 28th 2008. I decided to surprise her by drawing her birthday fanart on the right day. Usually we unintentionally slip a way past deadlines, like what happened with the artworks below. This artwork was quite simple to draw, but it offered me a chance to test my new Wacom tablet. Digital drawing and writing took me about 4 ½ hours.

Christmas card from 2006

It was Christmas 2006, I was at home and started to draw this card without noticing one very important thing: almost all good pens have moved with me to Rovaniemi. And I had to draw a Christmas card for Suvi! Luckily I have hamster's habits and I found some working pens from my secret hiding place and drew her Heiska cat. The cat fell over inside the card. Backside had a drawing of it struggling to get up while swearing.

Characters © Konomi Takeshi Golden Pair

Suvi had to wait terrible 150 days before I send her this OishixKikumaru artwork she had requested, just in time for Valentine's Day 2006. Sketching, inking and editing took me about 6 hours. Suvi wished I'd use Kodaka Kazuma's style. It was challenging, because my own style tried to take over several times. I took Oishi's Regular jersey logo from my own PoT manga scans.

Strawberryboy in Wrappings

Suvi had her birthday just one day after my nameday and was only one year away from legal age, which is 18. This thing in mind I made her a little tormenting artwork of Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach. Poor Suvi was still shocked about what we had talked before so this work turned into crossover. Sketching and inking took less than 3 hours and editing took a bit over half hour.

Mister L

Arska was celebrating her birthday and I gave her this card which had cat L from Death Note manga. Routine inking, rare coloring with colored pencils, blending stomp here and there and quick editing with computer. It did turn into a mischievous creature, his toes are especially amusing. Arska promised to take good care of her new pet and hug it reguralry.

DeviantART 1000 hits

Arska got 1000 hits from my former dA page and requested artwork of Shikamaru from Naruto. I wanted to get rid of my always-draw-on-white-paper disease and rummaged around my papers. Slightly glossy grayish green paper was my final choice, even though it turned out to be little tricky: light was reflecting from paper's surface and making drawn lines harder to see. Lights were drawn with white colored pencil.

Christamas card

I drew this Christmas card so that I could give my greetings and thanks to all visitors. There's Ewan McGregor (angel wearing a kilt), Edward (with elf's hat) and Alphonse (snowman) Elric and also Vash the Stampede (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) and Kuroneko-sama (cat). Gingerbread house really existed because I had made it just a few days before. Combination of ink and water colors which took about 2 hours to finish.

5000 hits

Note to self: 1) never draw if you are in a hurry, 2) take a long enough break between sketching and inking. This is full of all kind of mistakes and Sasuke seems to have smoked some good stuff. Fortunately Suvi, who got 5000 hits, was pleased with this artwork.

DA gift

DeviantART had some nice people and this gift artwork was for a nice British boy who was kind enough to share some ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION's music with me. Colors came from waterbased colored pencils and artwork took about 4 hour to get finished. Both Sasuke and Lee look ok, but their hands! Must be because of that bad karma I got when I stole some baked Christmas cookies from my mother.

DeviantART 500 hits

ZeroXShadow got 500 hits from my DeviantART page and requested Zero from Capcom's Megaman series. After inking I desided to give my colored pencils a try with this artwork. Oh, how I have missed coloring with them! Different lights and shadows was challenging, but it turned out satisfactory.

4000 hits

Arska got 4000 hits from my former website and she requested Luke Skywalker from Star Wars manga and Hatake Kakashi from Naruto. Sketching, inking and coloring took about 4 hours. I'm pleased with line art, but colored pencils were a bit dissapointing and my scanner ate a great part of them.

Grayish Kakairu

I drew Suvi's birthday card just before leaving to Canada. The first idea went in to trash can and the second was this. I like Kakashi's hair even though his and Iruka's glances are a bit suspicious.

Neko Kakairu

My first gift artwork went to Suvi. This was my first try to draw Kakashi and Iruka as cats so anatomy is not even close to reality. Colors of Iruka's ears is a bit off, but I like how Kakashi's colors turned out. And background, it's a wonderful box. ;)