November 3rd 2011
"The end is getting near" or so I would say about my university studies. I haven't updated like... in a year? I felt bit bad about that so I decided to spend a few nights with .psd and .html files instead of writing my thesis. The upcoming date 11.11.11 was one of the reasons to re-color the layout images of Zoro and Sanji. The other reason was that the old ones looked horrible with my new laptop. Their colors were absolutely terrible. D: There is also a brand new version of Kuro, but that has only stuff related to my studies and it's written only in Finnish. But if you are interested in that version then have a look, there is a link in the index page.

October 24th 2010
I haven't updated Kuro in a long time because university studies really take most of my time, which also affects my free time. But now I updated the gallery with three new artworks. I also changed the address and the content of my blog, which is now a yonkoma (four panel) comic blog rather than a normal LiveJournal blog. I write in Finnish, but if you want to take a look you can find the link to my new blog from the top page under the update link.

February 17th 2010
Spring sun is burning my eyes in the daytime and it's at least -20 °C at night. Why am I telling you this when I should be talking about how Kuro is doing? Anyway, it's doing just fine: One Piece gallery has now a smaller subgallery, LOG. It's a sketch log which has 2 previously seen and 3 totally new sketches. I also added a link to Tsuki-board that shows a real time status of my figure collection.

Happy New Year and Especially Happy New Chinese New Year! We Tigers are now on Fire.

November 11th 2009
Who celebrated his birthday two days ago? :D To continue with that celebration gallery has been updated with one brand new artwork. Little scribbles of top pages in both Finnish and English versions have been changed to proper ones, so go and have a look around.

April 14th 2009
At the moment I'm studying like there's no tomorrow and I'm also trying to get rid of this stupid male part of my brain that can't handle three projects at the same time. :) I updated the gallery with two new artworks and the link list with new fan art sites.

January 23rd 2009
I finally finished coding Kuro's new English side. This time you get something special: you have a layout featuring Sanji while Finnish side has Zoro. :) Gallery has been updated with new artworks and links are also updated.

August 20th 2008
What a nice date to update (Finnish way to write this date is 20.8.2008)! This time those numbers gave the main gallery one new gallery which contains two artworks. Personal information, list of wanted items and age ratings of yaoi material have been slightly modified.

August 12nd 2008
It has been 3 years since I opened 黒月.com and now it also comes with English version! I realized about a year ago that I was getting visitors all over the world and then it hit me: those visitors couldn't understand anything I had written here. At that time it really was a shame. But rejoice, because now you can understand: I finally had enough free time and strong will to translate Kuro into English. This translating process took be a whole week, but I'm proud that I finally did it. My ass and back have their own opinions, though.